Signs that you should change schools

Hobbies have changed

Signs that you should change schools

Hobbies have changed

It so happens that schoolchildren who have been interested in, say, mathematics all their lives and dreamed of entering the CMC, suddenly lose interest in the subject and no longer want to study it. Such loss of interest may well be temporary and arise from doubts about the correctness of the choice or pre-exam stress. But sometimes the reason is pressure from teachers and parents. In such a situation, it is worth seriously considering whether mathematics, which was so interesting before, is now not attractive at all. If the answer is yes, this is also not a reason to panic: tastes can change with age. The main thing in such a situation is to respond correctly. If interests have not changed dramatically, there is no need to change the school. But when a student plans to retrain into chemists from a "techie", it is worth looking for a class with in-depth study of suitable subjects.

Tyrant teachers

A smart, passionate teacher is a gift for any school. Such teachers are remembered for a lifetime. But a narrow-minded, embittered teacher, frustrated with his work, and even with life in general, is a bad example for teenagers. He is able to discourage even the most hard-working and gifted, disgusting learning.

Of course, I would like to complain about such teachers, but often there is simply no substitute for a teacher. But if "more strength is not enough" and the subject is specialized and you have to take it, you may decide to change schools. Of course, this is a big step, and joining a new class can be difficult. The first time it is possible to order homework in the to have time to join a new place. But if in the old place the student feels unhappy, boring or difficult to learn, the benefits of change over time will outweigh the disadvantages.

The student became a victim of bullying

The worst situation is school bullying. If the teenager cannot cope with the offenders on his own, he stops learning, lives in constant fear, constantly orders homework in the, and teachers and parents of other children should be involved in resolving the conflict. Sometimes persecution can be stopped by joint efforts. If the school management turns a blind eye to the situation, considers it a "necessary step" or "children's affairs", it is worth seriously thinking about changing the school.

Constant humiliation, fear and pain are bad for mental health and academic performance. Instead of focusing on your studies, you only have to think about how to avoid poking and insults. This situation weakens the nervous system and can leave a mark for life.

Schoolchildren from the "risk group" - withdrawn, insecure, with a special appearance - may start to bully in a new place. Although often such behaviour of children in the classroom is the result of the conniving attitude of parents and teachers, so when changing schools, the situation changes for the better.

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